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Picture Gallery and Tips
Please review these useful tips.
  • To extend the useful life of your Leak Detector follow these tips.
    1. Do not shock the Ground Mike by dropping on hard surfaces.
    2. Do not jerk the Ground Mike by tugging on the cable when attached to a target with the magnet.
    3. Remove the batteries from the amplifier when storing for more than a couple of weeks.
    4. Be careful not to put undue stress on the ground mike probing rods or bending or breakage of the threaded stud can occur.
    5. Protect the front panel from water intrusion when working in wet environments.
    6. Never store your unit wet. Always dry off the components and air dry carry case if it got wet.
  •  When using the PL series locators here are some suggestions to  avoid costly repairs.
    1. Think about where you set the instrument down. Avoid placing it in harms way, especially around vehicles. The plastic case is hardy but will still fall victim to a 4000 lb truck.
    2. Avoid dropping the unit especially on hard pavement.
    3. Remove batteries from both the receiver and transmitter when not in use for more than three to four weeks..
    4. Be careful not to bang or drop tools on the front panels as damage could occur to the LCD display.
    5. For extended battery service, use alkaline batteries instead of dry cell types.

Pictures of memorable repairs

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LD-12 Ground Mike
LD-12 Ground Mike Repair attempt
LC-2100 Ground Mike
LC-2500 battery case
LC-2500 Pre-amp
LC-2500 battery case
LC-2500 Sensor magnet base
LC-2100 Ground Mike
PL-2000 antenna PCB
PL-2000 Transmitter