Logic 1 Engineering

Repair Services

We offer Repair and Calibration service on the following instruments.
  • LD-7  Water Leak Detector
  • LD-8  Water Leak Survey Tool
  • LD-10  Water Leak Detector
  • LD-12  Professional's Water Leak Detector
  • LD-15  Professional's Leak Survey Instrument
  • LD-18  Digital Water Leak Detector
  • LC-2100 Leak Noise Correlator
  • LC-2500 Leak Noise Correlator
  • LC-5000 Digital Quatro Correlator
  • ZCorr Water Leak Correlator Logging System
  • DigiCorr Water Leak Correlator
  • Digital Leak Detector (DLD) 
  • FCS Cables



  • PL-920   Pipe & Cable Locator
  • PL-1500   Pipe & Cable Locator
  • PL-2000   Pipe & Cable Locator
  • PL-960   Pipe & Cable Locator
  • PL-960AC Pipe & Cable Locator
  • PL-G   Pipeline & Cable Locator



  • Gen Ear Leak Detector
  • Gen Ear Le Leak Detector

It is best to contact us prior to shipping your equipment. We Do Not require or use RMA numbers. Please provide in the package your Contact information  including an email address along with a billing and shipping address.  

Send to:

Logic 1 Engineering

1817 Woodlawn Avenue

Salem, VA 24153-4219

(540) 986-8406

The majority of problems with Water Leak Detectors are cable related issues. Time between failures can be extended by careful handling of the ground mike (GM) and cable. Avoid jerking the GM when removing it from a target while using the magnet mount. It is better to grasp the GM to remove it.
We evaluate the equipment then provide an estimate of the cost to repair.  The repair will not be completed until the estimate is approved.  There is a $50 estimate fee which is waived for an approved repair. Each unit is brought back to a level of performance equivalent to a new unit.